President's Message

President, Masahiko Yamazaki

Enhancing the total quality

with the aim of maintaining

the trust of the world

Today, grease is used in a number of industrial segments.
Grease is essential when more than one component moves together. As the industrial world grows, new merits in grease are discovered and, I believe, we are contributing to the development of world manufacturing with its theoretical elucidation.

Kyodo Yushi celebrated its 70th anniversary last year. We have been blessed with a number of good customers, who have been kind enough to give us continuous support. We genuinely express our gratitude for all the stakeholders.

With our corporate philosophy of "contributing to the industrial world through practice of tribological spirit," our activities are targeted at customers’ benefit, by offering high functioning lubricant products. Our midterm business plan includes upgrading of our foundation in order to be trusted by the world: We have been improving our foundation to raise the total quality in the fields of compliance, quality, BCP, training and others. We will exert ourselves to achieve its goals in this fiscal year, the final year of the plan.

We have been doing our activities since the foundation with modesty, sincerity and enthusiasm, thinking customer confidence as most important. We would sincerely appreciate your continued support so that the entire staff will be able to provide our customers with genuine service and to be of help to our customers through practice of tribological spirit.

Masahiko Yamazaki

Masahiko Yamazaki