President's Message

President, Masahiko Yamazaki

Enhancing the total quality

with the aim of maintaining

the trust of the world

Kyodo Yushi celebrated its 70th anniversary in March, 2017. We have offered lubricant products including high functioning grease based on the corporate philosophy to "contribute to industry through practice of tribological sprit" since we started business in the early postwar years in Kanagawa, Japan. We and our products have contributed to social development by controlling friction and abrasion.

We genuinely express our gratitude for stakeholders ― shareholders, investors, customers, business partners and distributers ― for giving continuous support to us.

"4Cs Plan," a midterm business plan for FY 2016-2018 was developed in last April in order for the 70th years old company to enhance reliability of our globally-used products, to pursue the path of development, and to mark the 75th, 90th and 100th anniversaries. The plan is positioned as "the period to upgrade our foundation in order for us to continue to be trusted by society. We have set challenges related to the fields essential to customer satisfaction ― "quality," "BCP," "technology," "training," and "compliance" and we focus on improving of our foundation to raise the total quality.

Aiming to maintain trust of the world, we raise total quality to pursue customer satisfaction, we commit to supplying our products with responsibility firmly in mind.

We move ahead with customers through practice of tribological sprit. We would sincerely appreciate your continued support and feedback going forward.

Masahiko Yamazaki

Masahiko Yamazaki