President's Message

Kyodo Yushi is committed to resolving issues where friction and wear exist. Wherever friction occurs, you will find Kyodo Yushi products. Kyodo Yushi is a recognized leader in the grease and lubrication industry, we put all our energies and efforts into providing solutions for our customers.

The corporate philosophy of Kyodo Yushi is "to contribute to industry through exercising the Spirit of Tribology." This means working closely with our customers to determine each requirement in order to offer the best lubrication technology available. We have faithfully adhered to the philosophy, "aiming to be a leading global company through tribology technology," the company's long term vision.

Each of us is faced with the challenge of preserving the earth's environment by controlling CO2 emissions. Such emissions are considered to contribute to global warming. To that end, the reduction of friction and wear in every moving part is recognized as a significant challenge which firmly places the role of grease in the spotlight. It is proven that by reducing mechanical friction, resistance reduces resulting in savings in energy and enhancing fuel efficiency in automobiles. This greatly reduces CO2 emissions. Therefore, the role of Kyodo Yushi has a lubricant manufacturer is vital. We put all of our efforts into the development of technologies for the further reduction of friction and wear. We are able to serve our customers best by connecting academic research with industry needs and by inspiring technological innovation through our activities with the Tribology Study Group in Japan.

Far more important than being a leading global company, the fundamental mission of Kyodo Yushi is to deliver total customer satisfaction and remain well ahead of the constantly evolving industry demands.

Masahiko Yamazaki

Masahiko Yamazaki